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John Baskerville and Benjamin Franklin: A Trans-Atlantic Friendship

John Baskerville and Benjamin Franklin: A Trans-Atlantic Friendship


1750 - 1900 (c.)

Image: Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790). The Hundred Greatest Men: Portraits of the One Hundred Greatest Men, Vol VII Politics, (Sampson Low, London, 1880).

Image from: Local Studies and History, Birmingham Central Library

Text: Olga Baird


Benjamin Franklin and John Baskerville were two important figures of the 18th century Enlightenment. Franklin was a thinker, scientist and politician and one of the central individuals in American history, but his favourite self-description was “Benjamin Franklin, Printer”. Baskerville was an artist, industrial innovator, printer and creator of the famous Baskerville type. They shared the same year of birth and a professional interest in type founding and book production. Franklin visited Birmingham frequently, staying with Baskerville and commenting on his printing, supporting his activities and advocating his work. In this article, Olga Baird explores the relationship between the two men.

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Sections: [click on the images on the right to access each section]

1. Benjamin Franklin, Printer
2. Franklin and Typefounding
3. Baskerville and Franklin: Status and Success
4. Baskerville Type
5. Franklin and Baskerville: Printing Activities
6. Franklin and Baskerville: Literary Tastes
7. Franklin and Baskerville: Religion
8. Franklin and Baskerville: Friendship and Co-operation
9. Baskerville and the Sale of Type from his Type Foundry
10. Franklin and Baskerville: Epitaphs

Sources and Further Reading

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Examples of all of Baskerville’s publications are held at Birmingham Central Library. Copies of Baskerville’s Bible are held by Birmingham Assay Office and the Cathedral Church of St Philip, Birmingham.

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A Letter Press Printer


1. Benjamin Franklin, Printer

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Type Founder


2. Franklin and Typefounding

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A Portrait of John Baskerville


3. Baskerville and Franklin: Status and Success

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Slate tablet advertising Baskerville's skill as a designer of letters.  Inscription reads: 'Grave Stones Cut in any of the Hands by John Baskervill, Writing-Master'.


4. Baskerville Type

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